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Variable Speed Drives play a major role in the Oil & Gas Industry as well as power generation. Motors drive large pumps and compressors at varying speed in order to control the flow of fluids in oil & gas pipelines as well as liquefied natural gas plants and refineries.

In a power plant, electric motors are used for different applications. The main areas of use for HV and MV motors are: Pumps in the steam cycle and cooling system, fans in the flue gas system, fuel supply, environmental systems and various support systems such as compressed air.


Generators provide key power sources for the oil and gas industry, particularly to assist with drilling and digging.

High & Low Voltage Induction Motors:

Such motors are preferably used to drive heavy-duty applications like compressors, pumps, industrial fans, refiners and many more.

Motors & Generators for Explosive Atmospheres:

The ATEX range is dedicated to explosive, gas and dust atmospheres in order to provide a safe and energy-saving response for zones 1 and 2 as well as zones 21 and 22.

Synchronous Motors:

Synchronous motors for oil and gas applications are optimized for pumps, fans, and centrifugal and reciprocal compressors used in the oil and gas industry.